1. Basic Package (Silver, Gold, & Platinum ) Cash on delivery.
  2. Custom Package Maximum 1 Month Term, or base on delivery
  1. Client will send complaints to Authentic Guards priority customer care.
  2. AGT Customer Care will analyze the complains.
  3. AGT Customer care will send the complains to the related division.
  4. AGT team will do their best to solve the problems within the available timeframe and budget.
  1. Authentic Guards aligned with Client to coordinate on the label production at 5 days prior to label production/ printing.
  2. Authentic Guards need to establish communication platform with the client. To deliver QR Code for label printing is by connecting Authentic Guards with Client printer driver.
  3. We will compensate new codes in case code defection up to 2,5% from total production.
  4. The report for defect codes will be done monthly by client by attaching notice letter and proof, then QC team will stamp the custom ribbons with rejeced note.
  5. The timeframe for each of the development, installation process and configuration is 14 working days.