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“Founded in 2017, we are a global company with teams in Europe & Asia.

We protect brands against counterfeiting globally. For Customers, AuthenticGuards is the simplest way to check your genuine product., trusted by various brands in different sectors ranging from Fashion to Consumer Goods. For Merchants, it provides global protection against counterfeiting and increase product value.

In addition, we provide analytics and tools to better improve customer experience by becoming our partners.”


Just like us humans, every product has it own DNA that makes it different from others. AuthenticGuards helps every consumer to identify the authenticity of their product’s DNA.

Common Questions

Consumers only need a brand certificate or distribution statement

Just like humans, each product has its own DNA. By identifying the DNA of the product, the end buyer authenticates that the product purchased is authentic

Loss of worry in buying a product by knowing that the product is genuine/authentic

Authentic Guards

AuthenticStore is a market place that contain every consumer’s products that been authenticated by us. Not just daily use product, even the rarest NFT available now is ready at AuthenticStore.

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